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Services rendered

• We work with different groups of transgender women – young, aged, living with family, working with NGOs, professionals, business, maruladies (priests-religious workers), begging transwomen and sex workers, to enhance mental and physical health of the community, as well as to increase their impact in HIV prevention efforts, responsive and comprehensive capacity building.

• We encourage transgender people to be interested in their own physical well-being; organize strong networks to ensure no transgender woman is left out in Chennai and everyone gets benefited by the services render by the organization. We provide proper counselling and referral services to all our Transwomen, so that they undergo proper sex change procedures and not fall victim to questionable practitioners and treatments.

• We ensure that the government provisions are accessible to transgender people at the grassroots level by lobbying with designated officials of the executive branch of the government and also meeting, when and where possible, members of the legislative assembly to enable government decisions and announcements favouring transgender women become actions.

• To date, we have catered to 1,350 transgender women for various assistance. We have served the community for obtaining Transgender Identity Card, Ration Card, Free housing schemes for transgender women, Voter ID, AADHAR Card, Free Old age pension etc.,.

• We have conducted 50-60 workshops, for various sections of society about education, empowerment, employement and livelihood. To foster community leaders, trainers, technical experts and academicians. We make and distribute informative material to spread awareness on transgender women among the public.

• Addressing crisis faced by transgender women on the ground, such as harassment by rogues, policemen or others, with immediate attention. We have created a special wing specifically to address crisis situations.

• Networking with media organizations to ensure transgender women’s issues and needs are presented sensibly and accurately. We work in coordination with other transgender-welfare organizations and other LGBT organizations etc., as well as take part in protests/conventions voicing for LGBT rights.

• We conduct regular general healthcamps for transgender women to ensure their good health and to address any physical/psychological health issues appropriately.

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