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THOZHI stands for Transgender Health Oriented Zealous Holistic Initiative.


Thozhi would like Transgender people to have the same quality of services as others in the community, and to be able to feel comfortable to seek health care and support when they need it.

Thozhi acknowledges that this goal will only be met in tandem with greater awareness about Transgender people and their lives. The needs of Transgender people will be better met when there is a greater support for both gender equality and a healthy respect for gender diversity within our communities.


The primary objective of Thozhi is to achieve justice, equity and quality health and community service provision for Transgender people, their partners, families and friends.

Thozhi raise awareness of issues faced by the Transgender community through education and training and we strive to reduce discrimination and abuse for Transgender people and their families through improved legislation and acceptance in the wider community.
We work side by side with Transgender groups in Chennai and around Tamil Nadu to campaign State Government to remove discrimination and achieve true equity for Transgender people.

We strongly support direct assistance to Transgender people through establishing and implementing appropriate and high quality direct services, as well as other activities that are consistent with this.

Thozhi supports the work of service providers who are taking steps to ensure transgender awareness program through education, consultation and advice.
Thozhi welcomes opportunities to discuss potential partnerships with other organizations and groups to achieve these objectives.


No.5, 2nd Floor, Railway Colony, 1st Street,
Nelson Manikam Road, Aminjikarai,
Chennai 600 029

Ph: 9789839907,

Email: thozhiindia@gmail.com

Website: Thozhi