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THOZHI stands for Transgender Health Oriented Zealous Holistic Initiative.

We worked with the government officials in identifying 100s of transgender women during the last few years. The government has finalized this list for free housing offered by the government within the Chennai Collectorate. The actual handover of keys to the recipients of the homes took place in batches and some batches are now in progress. We also helped obtain transgender identity card to 100s of transwomen to fill the housing applications, to get the AADHAAR card, to get ration cards, to get their name changed, 135 transgender women to get voter id cards.

During the pandemic in 2020, we were selected as one of Chennais few social welfare organizations to carry out Chennai Corporations pandemic education and care services, during which we gave covid19 information, prevention and care related services to the general public in selected neighborhoods. We have conducted tens of workshops, for various sections of society about education, empowerment, employment and livelihood. To foster community leaders, trainers, technical experts and academicians. We make and distribute informative material to spread awareness on transgender women among the public. Addressing crisis faced by transgender women on the ground, such as harassment by rogues, policemen or others, with immediate attention. We have created a special wing specifically to address crisis situations.

Networking with media organizations to ensure transgender womens issues and needs are presented sensibly and accurately. We work in coordination with other transgender-welfare organizations and other LGBT organizations etc., as well as take part in protests/conventions voicing for LGBT rights.

We Transgender people face ostracism from family and society, marriage pressures on those of us who are not inclined to marry partners of the other sex, low-self esteem, depression and suicidal tendencies. Thozhi operates a round-the-clock crisis hotline for members for Transgenders and crises cases are handled within 24 hours. The goal of these interventions is to go beyond HIV/AIDS related services, to help Transgender fight the routine violence and discrimination they face from society. These crises range from housing and landlord trouble, to discrimination within the family, to educational institutions, to unlawful police harassment, to workplace discrimination. These crises are compounded by the fact that, since homosexuality continues to be criminalized in India, Transgender cannot directly approach police. At Thozhi, we are continually engaged in crisis management, drawing on our network of community-friendly lawyers, doctors, police, and counselors to come to the best possible resolutions.

Numbers: We handled a total of 35 crises cases in 2019-2020. The majority of these deals with police and public harassment of sex workers and beggars, as the majority of the community continues to be engaged in sex work and begging. The remaining crises focus on conflicts with healthcare providers,

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